On October 14th and 15th, 2017 we held our annual Art show in the Spencer Town Hall. Our Judges for this year were Photographer, Michael Roman of Northboro and Debbie Dunphy of Dunphy Art Studio in Holyoke, MA. Congratulations to all of our winners and to all of our participants for making this such a successful show.

Deborah Roberts Kirk - Harbor Boat

Ann McDougle- Jubilant

Jane Stendrup- In the Woods - Emile Gaucher Memorial Award
Rachel Grabek - Attitude - Vernon Graham Memorial Award
Ann McDougle - Family Tree - Steve Morse Memorial Award
Linda Spencer - Schooner - Doreen Seguin Memorial Award
Veronica Furst - Pink Passion - Mildred Terry Memorial Award
Deborah Reicker - Otto at Work - Sophie Latour Memorial Award

First Place: Carole Bentley -Daylilies, Reflection in Window
Second Place Margaret Emerson - Golden Zone
Third Place: Veronica Furst - Liquid Delight
HM: Linda Spencer - Pickled (feet, fish, fingers, etc)
HM: Pierre Theriault - Karl (Life)
HM: Veronica Furst - Bucket of Joy
HM: Juanita Longwell - Across the Kennebec from Gardiner

First Place: Michele Loftus-Trzcinski -Seaside at Beavertail State Park
Second Place: Gayle Magwood - Sunset Bridge
Third Place: Pierre Theriault - Winter Crows
HM: Jane Stendrup - Hardwick Farm
HM: Gayle Magwood- The Face of Maine
HM: Nancy McBride - Fall Abstract
HM: Deborah Sundquist - Fairyland

First Place: MarlynKulesa -Dogwood
Second Place: Michele Loftus-Trzcinski - Rock Harbor, Cape Cod
Third Place: Jane Stendrup - Duck in Flight
HM: Nancy McBride - Shoe Dangle
HM: Deborah Sundquist - Squirrel
HM: Jane Stendrup - ishing Boat
HM: Marilyn Kulesa - African Violet

First Place: Sid Solomon - Merriam Rd, Princeton
Second Place: Deborah Sundquist- Faces and Circles
Third Place: Amanda Delanski - Daydreaming sounds like a good idea right now

First Place: Linda Spencer - Foggy Marina

First Place: Don Beal - Surfing
Second Place: Peter Spencer - Hummingbird from the Throne
Third Place: Ronald Trzcinski - Egret by the Sea
HM: Don Beal- Busy as a Bee
HM: Ann McDougle - Jubilant
HM: Peter Spencer - Spruce Head Port
HM: Peter Spencer - Peru

First Place:Karen Langlie - Poppies in a Blue Vase
Second Place: Don Beal - Meeting in the Fog
Third Place: Paulette Adams - Eclipse 2017
HM: Michele Loftus-Trzcinski - Camoflauged
HM: Nancy McBride - Skyview
HM: Ellen Smith - Mission Accomplished

First Place: Sue Morello - The Basket Maker
Second Place: Mary Hollingsworth - Summer Bouquet
Third Place: Ann Marcel - Summer in Maine
HM: Mary Hollingsworth - Leghorn and his Ladies
HM: Sue Morello - Endangered
HM: Deborah Roberts Kirk - High Tide
HM: Deborah Sundquist - Peacock

First Place: Linda Spencer -Port Clyde's Back Bay
Second Place: Anna Ozolins - Mr. Goose
Third Place: Deborah Reicker - Coolidge Farm, New Salem, MA
HM: Anna Ozolins - Companions
HM: Carole Bentley - SW1 Cityscape in Winter
HM: Deborah Reicker - Ware River (Hardwick MA) Rt 32
HM: Deborah Reicker - Ewe in the Sun